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The Ocean as a sauce.

The Good Fish Project is a chef’s guide to sustainable seafood, helping you find out about what ‘sustainable seafood’ means,and what serving it can mean to business. 

This project involved full conceptual development including the logo and branding, colour palettes, image sourcing and creating a printed guide and website design.

The Australian public depends on chefs and restaurants for great quality delicious seafood. Increasingly, diners are asking restaurants and catering professionals to take an additional step and consider the sustainability of the seafood being served. So the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has consulted with chefs and other Australian non-governmental organisations to produce  The Good Fish Project: a chef’s guide to sustainable seafood. 

For more information on sustainable seafood visit www.goodfishproject.com.au.

With oceans covering over 70% of the Earth’s surface, ours truly is a Blue Planet.

The health of our oceans matters. Our seas connect every continent and shape every coast. They control our climate and produce half of the oxygen we breathe.

Our oceans also provide animal protein for more than a billion people, bringing fresh, sumptuous seafood to our plates; here in Australia we each eat nearly 25kgs of seafood every year, which is amongst the highest in the developed world. But the problem beneath the waves is that  over a quarter of the world’s fish stocks are overexploited and a further half are fished as hard as they can be. But sustainable fishing and aquaculture practices ensure that the ocean habitats and seafood we love will remain for future generations.

Here is the simple F.I.S.H principle to follow:

Find out more.

Is it sustainable?

Start a conversation

Have a go.


  • Australian Marine Conservation Society & Marine Stewardship Council
  • February 2013