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Take 3 for the sea.

The Plastic Waste Maze in action

We are so happy to unveil the new Take 3 plastic pollution education display! This immersive educational experience was made possible with the support of Patagonia & Patagonia Australia & Jack Johnson.

The aim is to provide a mobile display that enables people to learn about plastic pollution and solutions in an easy-to-digest format at events and festivals. Take 3 is aiming to help reduce global plastic pollution through education & participation, will you help them? ‪#‎take3forthesea‬

Catfish was proud to deliver all the graphics and illustrations for this project. Thanks to aMAZE-ing (sorry!) photographers Nick Pumphrey, Matt Draper and Tim Silverwood for the incredible high resolution shots that made this possible.

  • Take 3
  • May 2016