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A vision for the future.

The sustainability vision for the CCSA is for a world in which humans live healthy, fulfilling lives in balance with nature. Economic activity has been fundamentally remodelled to reuse non-renewable resources as many times as possible or replace them with renewable ones. Human societies no longer require resources beyond our planet’s carrying capacity. The result is that ecosystems are able to increase their size and diversity, providing a stable base for all life on earth for generations to come.

With goals like this, who could help but want to help the CCSA put their intentions in the form of a blueprint for the future?

It was a pleasure to highlight the amazing work of the CCSA and help them communicate their vision to their stakeholders, using some incredible local imagery from a range of talented photographers and contributors.

My thanks to Fong Yu, my wonderful Fintern, for contributing so wonderfully to this project.

  • Conservation Council of South Australia
  • Late 2014